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Sportsguard Mouthguard Self-Impression System

Mouthguard Self-Impression System (S-IS) Kit Instructions

This important first step is how Sportsguard Laboratories will get a impression of your teeth from which we will make your custom fit mouthguard from.

After completing the S-IS Kit, you will have a dental mold that will be returned to us, using the provided pre-paid shipping box. (U.S. Customers Only) From your mold, a form-fitting mouthguard will be produced to your specifications and shipped back to you.

Please read all instructions before making your mouthguard impression. For questions or problems, please review our FAQ.

How to Use the Self-Impression System (S-IS)

Please place the Impression Putty in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before starting the mold process.

Do not mold if room temperature is greater then 80° F (25° C).

Do not use with braces, removable dental appliances, or loose teeth.

CAUTION: Exercise caution when boiling water. Adult supervision recommended for children.

Step 1.)
Have the athlete try on the mouthguard tray. If the tray is too long, trim with scissors using the slots in the tray.

Trim Mouthguard Tray

Boil Mouthguard Tray

Step 2.)
Bring water to a boil, then remove from heat. Place the dental tray in the hot water for 30 seconds.

Step 3.)
Rinse in cool water for one second.

Cool Mouthguard Tray

Bite Mouthguard Tray

Step 4.)
Place in mouth and bite down firmly. Use your fingers to push the tray against your teeth and gums. Remove tray and rinse in cold water.

Step 5.)
After the tray completely dries, open the two colored impression material and begin kneading the two putties together until they become a uniform color. (approx. 30 sec.)

Knead Mouthguard Putty

Fill Mouthguard Tray With Putty

Step 6.)
After kneading, roll the material into a sausage shape and place just enough material into the tray to fill it.

Step 7.)
Bite down firmly through the putty until you contact the tray. Pull your upper lip over the front of the the tray. Hold in mouth until the putty becomes firm. (approx 2 1/2 - 3 min.)

Bite Firmly on Mouthguard Tray With Putty

Inspect Impression

Step 8.)
Remove from mouth. A good impression should include all the teeth and extend to the gum tissue above the teeth. If impression of teeth does not look sufficient contact us.

Step 9.)
Rinse in warm water. Once completely set (approx 5 minutes), place it back in the bag it came in, along with your completed order form in the box you received the kit in.

Place Mouthguard Impression Back Into Shipping Box

Afix Return Address Label and Mail.

Step 10.)
Place the return postage label (U.S. Customers Only) over the address label on the top of the box and mail.

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