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Our goal is to custom design mouthguards for athletes of all ages and levels of competition with state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices!


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To place an order, please visit our online mouthguard store. If you’re a dentist, coach, or sports organization please  email our sales staff. For all other inquiries please email customer service.



About Sportsguard

As a dentist, Dr. Dan Brett, DDS, saw first hand the injuries athletes sustained by not wearing mouthguards and the expensive costs associated with oral-facial correction. Being a sports enthusiast, Dr. Brett was then driven to develop a professional custom-made athletic mouthguard that offered protection without compromising comfort and affordability. He now holds a patent in mouthguard designs.

Today, Sportsguard Laboratories, Inc., has become the industry’s leader in innovative technology used for custom athletic mouthguards. Dr. Brett is the co-developer of PolyShok, the material used in SLI’s mouthguards. PolyShok is a high impact polymer that provides more shock absorption than any comparable mouthguard material.

Since 1996, tens-of-thousands SLI’s mouthguards have been made for over forty professional sports organizations. Our high quality mouthguards can be seen being worn by a number of professional athletes in all the major sports as well as youth and amateur sports stars.