Replacement Putty & Tray



Replacement Putty & Tray
For Sportsguard Custom Fit Mouthguards • Only $12.99


Dental Impression Replacement Putty & Tray

If you need to remake your mouthguard impression for you Sportsguard Mouthguard then grab our replacement putty and tray. It can be used to take a dental impression from which a custom fit mouthguard will be produced. Please review the steps on how to use the Self-Impression System (S-IS) before starting impression.


Use for Any Sportsguard Mouthguard

• DESIGNguard Mouthguards

• BIOguard Mouthguards

• LOWERguard Mouthguards

• PEPguard Mouthguards

• PEPtrainer Mouthguards

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