About Sportsguard Custom Mouthguards

How to Order Your Sportsguard Mouthguards

The process of getting your Sportsguard Mouthguard is simple and easy. The first thing you have to do is choose which Sportsguard Mouthguard is right for you. Choose from a wide variety of styles:

All Sportsguard Mouthguards are made with proprietary PolyShok Technology, which has been tested as having increased energy absorption to distribute destructive forces.

Before we can make your custom-form-fitting Sportsguard Mouthguard we must first take a dental impression of your teeth using our easy-to-use Self-Impression System (S-IS) Kit.

We send you the kit – you bite and return – we create your custom mouthguard and send it to you – simple and easy. Please review each step of the Self-Impression System.


The Ordering Process

  1. Order a Self-Impression System (S-IS) Kit based on which mouthguard you want.
  2. Form an dental mold of your teeth and jaw then return it to using the prepaid postage mailer. (U.S. Only)
  3. Receive your custom fit Sportsguard Mouthguard ready for action.

1.) Place Your Order
Purchase the style of Sportsguard Mouthguard you want from our secure online store. We will send you our Self-Impression System (S-IS) kit for you to take a dental impression of your teeth.

2.) Make an Impression
After following the S-IS instructions closely; U.S. customers return your impression in our prepaid postage mailer. From this impression we will create your custom fit Sportsguard Mouthguard.

You can skip this step if you have had a digital scan of you teeth/jaw. We can use these digital scans to create a 3D printed mold from which our Sportsguard Mouthguard can be created.

3.) Receive Your Mouthguard
We will ship your Sportsguard Mouthguard via priority mail with 2 working days. Our 2-Day Turnaround Guarantee, guarantees that once we receive your acceptable impression, your custom mouthguard will be shipped within 2 business days.

Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for a DESIGNguard Mouthguard. Digital scan models will take an additional 5-10 days.