A Better Mouthguard Starts with Better Material!

PolyShok™ is a proprietary blend of plastic designed specifically to create better athletic mouthguards. It has the unique properties of being able to form to the mouth at low temperatures. The result is a soft, comfortable mouthguard that absorbs more destructive force than other athletic mouthguards by transmitting less force to the teeth, jaw and brain.

PolyShok™ has been tested by American Standards in Testing and Measurements (ASTM) to be over 150% more shock absorbent than leading traditional mouthguard (Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate) materials. These results are reproducible in any ASTM certified lab in the country.

Total Energy Absorption


As a high-impact polymer, PolyShok™ provides more shock absorption than any other comparable material in use today.

85% more energy absorbency than our leading competitor and over 150% more energy absorbency that of ethylvinyl aceate (EVA).

Review The Research

Dental Traumatology Impact (PDF)          NMSBA Program (PDF)